Choosing a Good Domain Name for you business

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Domain Names

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It is not easy locating a good domain name given the numerous domain search options available. Generally, the type of domain name you choose may play a very important role in search engine ranking of your website. Therefore, learning how to choose the correct domain name is of utmost importance. Generally, here are some of the basic rules to follow when buying a domain name.

  • “.com” is Always the Best Option


The “.com” domain name is by far the most commonly used and searchable domain. This extension becomes even more important if you’re setting up a business website because “.com” domain has more credibility and professionalism than other domain extensions such as “.biz”, “.net” etc. furthermore, your customers are more likely to forget your extension if it is something other than the “.com”. For instance if your extension is, some customers are likely to forget and type instead.

  • The Shorter the Better


The rule of the thumb is: do not use a domain name that is more than 8 characters if you can help it. People are generally lazy, so don’t force them to type a whole novel in the name of searching for a domain. Keep it short and simple to remember.

  • Choose Keyword Rich Domain


Your domain name should be relevant to the type of goods, services, and type of information your site is about. Choosing a relevant and keyword rich domain will greatly boost your chances of being found in the search engine by the right customers. Don’t choose a domain name like “” when you blog is about financial management.

  • Avoid Hyphens


It is true that some hyphenated domain names have had massive successes, but this is quite risky. Especially if your domain name has more than two words; as a result, customers tend to forget where the hyphen was. Moreover, hyphenated domain names are more likely to lose traffic to similar domain names without hyphens.  For instance; is more likely to lose traffic to Most customers view hyphenated domain names as a cheap substitute to the non-hyphenated domain name.

  • Grab other extensions (if available)


If you have already registered your “.com” domain extension, grab other extensions as well to monopolize the domain name. For instance; register as well as other extensions like,,, and www.yourname.mob. However, this is not compulsory if you are satisfied with a single domain name. Moreover, you should only do this if you are lucky to find the perfect domain name such as a single word domain name that is also relevant to your business.

  • Domains with Identity


If you want to get started quickly and hit the ground running, you can buy brandable domain names from websites like Brand Arrows with a Logo and Colour scheme.

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Five Useful Tips to Help You Attract More Readers to Your Blog

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2576981899_fef76fd366_mBy S. Marc

Five Useful Tips to Help You Attract More Readers to Your Blog

Optimizing the content of your blog is essential if you want to engage your readers and attract new ones. However not all bloggers know how to take advantage of the benefits of a blog, especially from an SEO perspective – in other words, making it as best as possible for search engine optimization so people actually find the content via Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  Here are five tips to help you publish content online that has more chance of being found, read, and shared.

Write on Interesting Topics That People Want to Read

It’s not good writing about the evolution of the micro-pig if nobody wants to read it. Take a look on Google for other blogs in your area of interest and see what subject they are covering.  You can then use the Google Adwords tool to search for keywords relating to a topic.  The tool will show you how many people are searching for your subject each month, including the competitiveness of the term.  This will give you a great start and an idea on what to publish.

Create a Catchy and Compelling Title

The first element that potential readers will see in the Google search results, is your article’s title.  For this reason it should be catchy and invite your readers to want to click through to find out more. Make it short and concise still, as titles like this will then appear when shared on Facebook and Twitter, letting even more potential readers see what your blog is about, before hopefully clicking.

Interact With Your Readers

It is very important to create a bond with your readers so they feel involved and will continue to come back to your blog. To do this, interact with them by asking questions at the end of your articles asking them what they think, or posing a question in the comment section.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for SEO Help

Most bloggers are not IT specialists.  There are many things that a blogger can do though in terms of optimising their website to make it rank better.  If your blog is starting to become popular and is making you money then it could be a good time to enlist the services of a search engine optimisation company (you can see an example of one in that link).  Good SEO companies will help you rank better by helping you to build relevant links back to the blog, looking at your website code, and other factors design to help your blog content be listed higher up in the rankings.

Share Your Content on Social Networks

If you haven’t already, make sure you sign up to the main social networks of Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus and then link those accounts back to your blog.  When you publish a new blog post make sure you share it with your subscribers who may in turn share it again, thus increasing your blog visits.


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Online Marketing

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Online Marketing by            


Online marketing is also called internet marketing, and it uses the internet to deliver promotional messages to consumers. For better results, online marketing strategies are used in conjunction with traditional advertising methods such as radio, magazines and television. However, if you are a small business owner, the cost of using traditional advertising methods can swallow up your profits.  Online marketing is particularly highly effective if used well. You can combine different online marketing methods such as email marketing, social media marketing and web adverting to achieve maximum results.

Web online marketing includes things like e-commerce, affiliate marketing, creating promotional and informative websites for a particular product or service, employing search engine optimization (SEO) on your web site, and using pay per click advertising. Email marketing involves email companies where promotional messages are delivered into subscribers’ inbox either through the use of newsletters, or announcement of offers. Finally, social media marketing involves the use of social media networks like twitter, Facebook, linked ln, Digg, and YouTube to promote your business. Social media online marketing does well with viral marketing.

Like the traditional advertising, online marketing involves consulting online marketing where there is a publisher and an advertiser involved. The publisher integrates advertisements into its online platform, and the advertiser provides the contents to be advertised online. Depending on the type of online marketing method you are using, there could be other players in online marketing such as analytics, and designers who help to generate the ad banners, or the codes, as well as affiliates.

To ensure that ethical standards are adhered to and that the playing ground is revealed, search engines such as Google have ranking algorithms to ensure that only those website owners who employ the best SEO methods reap the best results. Consulting online marketing experts such as SEO companies can be a great investment considering that you might not be well versed with the SEO trends. Employing proper search engine methods also requires hard work, patience, and skills, which you may be lacking. In the long run, good SEO practices should give you long lasting success.

The emergence of social media online marketing is swiftly eclipsing traditional marketing tools like television. Aside from the fact that traditional marketing methods can cost you an arm and a leg, social media marketing like you tube is more effective and reaches more people. To illustrate this, views in your channel are more likely to become your customers because when in YouTube, you specifically search for what you are interested in unlike traditional advertising methods like newspaper, and television where you view adverts irrespective of whether you are interested or not.

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