Increase Your Business Efficiency With Liquor Store Management Software

Ever wish your business “ran itself?” Most people do. From the everyday tasks to monthly obligations, it all can be very overwhelming. Especially, if you have other priorities.Fortunately, liquor and wine store software can solve everything nowadays. It can store your data, track growth, process sales, and even drive sales. What a blessing! Yet, many liquor and wine retailers don’t take advantage of its benefits.


Why? Many business owners assume liquor store management software is too expensive. They’ve run their business just fine for years and believe they don’t have the time or extra money to invest in something they deem unnecessary. This is anything but the truth. mPower Beverage liquor and wine store software is actually very cost-effective and can help your business reach the heights you’ve always dreamed of without compromising more of your precious time and energy.

What is Liquor Store Management Software?

mPower Beverage software is software designed to manage all aspects of a liquor and wine business. Equipped with vital industry tools and state-of-the-art business management technology, the software completes tedious tasks quickly and accurately. For example, mPower Beverage liquor store management software can place orders, track product trends, generate sales reports, organize your store, and refine your check-out process. It also serves as great inventory management software. From the very first day it is installed, mPower Beverage software begins organizing your existing store data. From there it monitors all new store activity (sales transactions and product orders) and automatically updates your existing data, creating a new, error-free database that is accessible from anywhere. This feature is crucial for store owners that manage multiple locations and multiple inventories.

Why It’s Affordable

Common store owner belief: “My business runs great with the technology I have now. Why should I spend money on more? The answer lies in how you define your business running “great.” If you’re constantly struggling to find time to get everything done and in return find it either doesn’t get done or is done incorrectly, what will happen when things beyond your control cause you to have even less time to devote to your business?

This is where mPower Beverage liquor store POS software will become invaluable to you.  By tracking every product, every sale, and every order automatically, you can rest assured that your inventory is up to date, your sales reports are always accurate, and your store’s data is organized and easily accessible. Imagine the time you’d save if you never had to physically check inventory or manually input new products ever again.  Who doesn’t need more free time? If investing in liquor store management software still alarms you, keep in mind mPower Beverage software is much more affordable than other liquor store management software that promises to deliver the same results. It does more than competitors, runs much smoother, and is easy to learn for liquor store POS software newbies. Plus, it’s much more efficient than hiring a full time employee to take over all of these tasks.

Increased Efficiency Will Help Your Business Flourish

Once mPower Beverage liquor store POS software is installed in your store(s), you will notice the transformation instantly. Your processes will be streamlined and tasks that were once dreaded or even ignored will be taken care of automatically. The days of disorganization, last minute scrambling, bookkeeping errors, lost sleep, and high stress will be a thing of the past. As a result, you can finally start focusing on aspects of your business that you never had time for before.  Whether it is marketing, store expansion, or customer appreciation programs, the extra time and decrease in stress levels will allow you to improve what you need to do to take your business to the next level

Che Brown Presents The 72 Hour Sales Retreat

Che Brown Presents The 72 Hour Retreat

Che Brown

Che Brown Teaching Sales

January 31- Feb 2, 2014 Marks the Second Annual 72 hour Retreat presented by Che Brown of Partners Learning. It is a unique event, which will create the opportunity for anyone in business to improve his or her sales techniques. All businesses must have sales. They must have new business coming in. Most people who start a small business cannot afford to hire sales people at first. They must know how to sell their products and services. This event will allow anyone to improve his or her sales skills.

The event is held in a retreat center in Maryland. “This allows people to become completely immersed and tightly focused on learning.” Says Che Brown. “The retreat provides the workshop rooms, sleeping quarters and 3 cooked meals each day for every participant. “Without the worry of commute and meal decisions, people can use the time to connect with other event attendees. This will be a deep dive into sales techniques that will allow anyone who puts what they learned to use, to increase sales in their business.”

“Sales “does not have to be a dirty word. Rejection is a fear that many people have. Rejection is reduced greatly when you really learn the best way to sell for you. Selling is something we do every single day. Selling does mean going beyond your comfort zone. The rewards are that you create an income stream to live the life you really want to live. Lack of sales skills is the reason why most businesses are underfunded. Underfunding is the #1 reason for business failure.

Che Brown

Che Brown

The 72 Hour Retreat promises intense sessions. There is some flexibility on which workshops a participant can attend. The event will also be streamed live online. Online viewing is great however, real networking and connection opportunities happen in person. The event is a smaller event and extremely limited due to the amount of rooms available. You can reserve your seat and room here

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Create a Uniform Workflow Standard:

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (Photo credit: Gari)

Create a Uniform Workflow Standard:

CRM And Company Wide Sales Policies

by  Eliteseo4u

Business that wish to create a uniform workflow can find a CRM solution to their problems.

Keeping all employees on the same page and enforcing a workflow standard can be a nightmare for a growing company.  As the number of employee’s increases, managers and business owners are not able to spend as much time overseeing the work of their employees as they could when the company was smaller and some little things begin to fall through the cracks.  Over time the little issues can become bigger issues until the company reaches a critical point.  Without oversight employee standards begin to drop and the company can find itself in serious trouble.  A CRM system can provide workflow solutions that enforce a uniform work standard.

Why is a uniform standard important?

Uniform standards ensure that employees are all using the same process when dealing with customers.  The process makes sure that employees follow company approved steps and that all sales team members file the same reports for each sales call or meeting.  This reduces the number of variations in reports, and allows management to focus on the data.  One of the standards protocols that many companies use is the approval of all contract proposals over a preset dollar amount before the proposal is sent to the customer.  Without a system in place to make sure that employees are following the company’s guidelines, employees can get lazy and not seek contract approvals.  This can lead to problems when a customer is quoted a price that is lower than the company can afford, and if the customer approves a contract only to have that contract revoked by the company at a later date, the customer may choose to find another vendor.

How does CRM enforce the uniform standard?

CRM enforces the uniform standard through a guided pipeline approach to sales.  The guided pipeline has checkpoints that employees must meet before moving on.  At every step of the sales process team members are required to update the status of the job.  In the situation requiring approval for contracts, when the salesperson changes the status to “In Negotiations”, the CRM system can refuse to allow any more movement in the pipeline until a manager has updated the contract status as “Approved” in the CRM system.  This keeps management informed about the status of customer interactions at critical points in the sales process.

Doesn’t CRM limit creativity?

By forcing the sales team to adopt a uniform sales process it may seem that creativity is being stifled, but the reality is that workers are being more productive.  A uniform standard creates a set of easy to follow guidelines that are the same for every sale, so that employees know how to progress through the sales pipeline in the most efficient way possible.  With the guided process, employees waste much less time trying to remember what they have already done for the customer in the sales pipeline and what the next step might be; all of those decisions have already been scripted.

CRM solutions can help generate better sales leads and increase revenue, but there are other benefits as well.  Using a CRM platform to create a guided workflow standard for a company’s employees allows the employees to be more productive and more efficient.

My name is Elington Brown and I work with a CRM solution on a daily basis.  I feel qualified to write this article, because I control the CRM system for our company and that is all I do and have done for 5 years now. I hope this helps everyone who reads it.  Thanks for readi

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