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Full colour printed banners and mail order signage.
HFE Signs are a mail order supplier of a whole variety of advertising signs. Unlike many traditional sign suppliers they don’t operate just within the immediate radius of their base in Staffordshire but are an internet based national and international company who have a focus on providing high quality signage to order. The key to the success of this strategy is an easy to use ordering system and fast turnaround, including next day delivery on orders placed before 11am in many cases.

HFE Signs offer a huge range of sign types but as especially known for their banners. HFE’s colour banners are all outdoor grade and come with brass eyelets as standard. The inks used are Waterproof and UV stable to give the maximum life possible without fading. Ordering colour banners is simple, whether it’s from the pre designed templates shown on the website or whether the client wants to design their banner from scratch. The customer can upload their own artwork and logos or use the services of HFE’s experienced design team. Mono colour banners can be ordered in exactly the same way and are manufactured to the same high quality standards but are up to 30% cheaper than colour banners.
Roll up banners are often used at exhibitions or anywhere a portable or temporary display is needed and HFE make their roll up banners to the high standard as all their other products, along with the same fast and efficient service. Roll up banners can be rolled and unrolled in literally seconds and pack into a small bag for ease of transport and safe storage but the nature of them means that they can be easily damaged, begin to curl or let the light shine through them while open. HFE roll up banners are made a curl and tear resistant vinyl, which is also designed to block light shining through. This means that the roll up banner will be able to be used many times and if the banner does need to be replaced HFE offers a replacement service, so the frame can be reused. If putting a replacement banner in a roll up banner frame proves difficult HFE can replace the banner for the customer

HFE can provide frames and mounts for their printed banners as well, and ordering a frame or mount at the same time as a printed banner attracts a 20% discount on the banner itself.
Printed banners can be used as temporary or permanent advertising signage and the excellent quality and outdoor standard of HFE printed banners means that they are suitable for a variety of uses, such as at outdoor entertainment events, finish lines at sporting events, on lamp posts or outside offices and shops. HFE printed banners are of the highest quality without the premium price tag and their easy to use ordering and excellent before and after sales service mean that they are an excellent option for anyone looking for any type of printed banner, whether its colour or monochrome or roll up.


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Printleaf is the best choice for custom color brochure printing and other business marketing products. Custom brochures are a fashionable layout for sharing comprehensive information and details in a very presentable means. Business brochures are commonly folded and colorful; hence these are a well-organized format for giving out information with regard to a company, its services and products.

The primary mission of Printleaf is to offer high quality catalogs, business cards, postcards, and customized color business brochures printing. The expert staff at Printleaf are professionals in the printing industry and make sure that that printing products like catalogs, booklets and flyers look beautiful and have lively colors.

For customers who wish to increase their marketing and have beautiful printing products to engage their prospects during the upcoming New Year Printleaf offers high quality products and competitive prices. For those who already have their own design and are just prepare to print, they can upload it to their website. The accessible Online Designer of Printleaf is one of the best in the printing industry, which features theme-designed formats for more than 17 printing products. Everything is beautifully and professionally layed out with high quality images. Just input your information and you are ready to go. For people who are in need of help with regard to customized designs, the professional staff of Printleaf is willing to help.

For those who enlist the printing online services of the company, they aren’t just able to save money, but the environment as well. Printleaf is an environmental-friendly printing company as they provide a wide range of soy-based inks and recycled paper stocks.

Printleaf understands turn around time is crucial to businesses in the United States and the mission of the company is to save customers. By merging the finest in terms of web technologies with one-of-a-kind production facilities, the company can deliver printing conveniently with lightning-fast turnaround times. They are highly dependable and have a great reputation.


For more details and information with regards to the online printing services of Printleaf, please visit their website at Printleaf provides the highest quality printing products in all over New York City and throughout the nation and have a team of professional staff that can help customers on their custom printed products.  With 3 printing and fulfillment facilities, 2 day shipping is their standard to any city in the entire nation; express shipping is available as well. Join thousands of their happy customers!

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5 Top Tips For Preparing Your Business Artwork For Print

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5 Top Tips For Preparing Your Business Artwork For Print

By Search9

Today, we’re proud to have teamed up with one of the UK’s leading printing companies, Circle Leaflet Printing, to bring you five top tips for preparing your business artwork for print. It’s absolutely vital that when you submit your artwork to the printers that it’s done so in the correct format and that it meets their requirements, otherwise you can end up with the whole process taking far longer than it should. As such, follow these tips and life will be so much easier for all parties involved.

Are you about to have some printing done for your business but are worried about the costs getting out of hand? Well you won’t be alone. Many other people will also have the same concerns and will want to save money wherever they can, and this can be achieved providing you are prepared to spend a little bit of time producing your own artwork. It is essential that the work you submit to them meets their needs as any changes that need to be made may delay the job or actually cost you money to put right. But how do you produce work which is up to the standard required by your printer? The simple thing would be to just ask them. Most printers’ requirements are pretty standard but it is best to check with them first instead of just assuming they are the same as the previous company you used, and most will understand that everyone is trying to cut costs wherever possible so won’t object. Talking to your printer face to face is always the best; if this is not possible then a telephone conversation should do the trick.

The first thing your printer will ask is what software you are going to be using to create the artwork, as not all software will be compatible. They are highly likely to be using Adobe In-Design as this is the desk top publishing software that has become the industry standard and produces consistent results as well as performing in a way which is acceptable to the printer. However, unless you are a professional designer then it’s unlikely you will using that particular software so you’ll need to find another way of getting round it. An acceptable alternative would be to use other software that can save your file as a portable document file or PDF. Look around for a PDF creator or desk top publishing software which will allow you to save as a PDF, as the software you are familiar with such as Adobe Reader will only allow you to read and print the PDF files but not create them. There are actually some free versions out there which can be used if you don’t want the expense of purchasing.

Remember that when you are creating the PDF you must embed the font you have used to prevent it being replaced by another if your printer does not have that particular font on their computer. As there is a great deal of fonts out there, it is always best to embed it into the PDF just to be sure.

Your printer will also require you to add what is known as “bleed”. This just means making the background oversized so that a tiny white border doesn’t appear when it’s printed onto oversized paper to be trimmed down later. It makes life that little bit easier for your printer to add this.

Crop Marks and Registration Marks are also required which can be positioned in the “bleed”. Crop Marks are small lines at the corners of the artwork to where your print will be trimmed later. Registration Marks are small circles with crossed lines through them and are there so the printer can line up the four colours exactly on the printed sheet instead of having to do it by eye which would not be quite so accurate. If you fail to include these, then don’t be surprised if your printer rejects your artwork.

Don’t forget to also include “Colour Bars”. These are printed just outside the image area and are made up of the four colours used for full colour printing to allow an accurate match of colour throughout the job.

Include all of these and you will make life much easier for your printer.

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