Connecting and Delivering

A lot of people wonder why I have a business event at a tea house.

It’s about the experience not just the location. Many people ( men and women alike) have never had the pleasure of eating at a tea house. I love watching them look at all the details that were prepared for them. Their first bite of a fresh scone. That alone is a great experience.

I also enjoy slow networking. A chance to find out what you are up to now. Everyone has made changes to their business. I like hearing what people are doing and being up to date. That way I can give good referrals. There is nothing worse than referring someone only to hear them say ” I no longer do that.” You can listen and be heard.

The tea house serves both decaf and regular. I drink decaf for my health.

The brunch serves two fold. A new experience for many and a chance to move your business forward. I will also be showing the first episode of this season’s Wright Place TV Show now airing on Direct TV channel 64 at 9:30 am.

Still on the fence? When is the last time you had a fresh scone?

If it’s more then 3 months ago, then register here:


Social Platform Fatigue

I know we are supposed to be thrilled over every new social media platform  and service that comes out. They are all supposed to be fun and connect us to our most powerful, authentic, creative, in -the-know selves.

Each is supposed to be better than the other, each is supposed to be so innovative that you cant livwithout it. They have a pages for invitations trying to make it seem like something you love.I am getting social media platform fatigue. I am burnt out from trying the new stuff, and giving yet another platform my passwords and access to my facebook and twitter accounts.

I am tired of trying to download yet another app to my iPhone.  Linkedin will post to both my twitter and facebook accounts. It will add pictures. Cinch can add the audio. I am ready for web 3.0 I don’t want to spend my time continually updating the same types of solution over and over. All they do it is post. Really? Maybe our businesses would do better, if we spent more time learning how to close sales in this economy.

The cure?? Go to and event and speak to people in PERSON!

How to Successfully Market Yourself in 5 Easy Steps

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful feeling to find free or inexpensive ways to promote yourself without breaking the bank? It may be hard to believe and it may even surprise you, but you can.

As a writer, I am constantly approached by people asking one question, “How can I successfully market myself?” From experience, I can tell you what looks to be an extremely difficult task can be achieved effortlessly and effectively in 5 simple, easy steps.

1.) Create an image:
The first step is to determine how you want to be seen by the public. This is a very important step, as it is how you will be foreseen and the way people will relate to you.
As for myself, I found it best to be open and honest. The more honest you are about yourself and who you are, the more people will be able to relate to you. Having people that can relate to you and your style will determine the amount of success you will achieve throughout your career.

2.) Be your own publicity team:
Whether you’re an upcoming writer, artist, actress or actor, more than likely you will be forced to pinch pennies. The high cost of a professional marketing team can and will be your first hurdle when you’re on a tight, strict budget. No one has thousands of dollars to hand out to pay for a full time publicist so the best and most powerful suggestion one can make is to serve as your own publicist. Who can better market you, than yourself?

3.) Take advantage of free offers:
Take full advantage of free offers and ways to promote yourself. Whether it is through your local public library, an online networking site, online or print newspapers or free press release websites. An easy and effective way to successfully market you is to submit articles to online and print newspapers, as well as free press release websites. Most small town newspapers have a lot of free space, and are more than happy to write a feature story on talented, new and upcoming people. I have also found the most popular free press release website is One can submit multiple press releases by simply registering.

4.) Create a website:
For little to no money you can create a personal website showcasing you and your talents. This website will allow you to effectively promote and market yourself. A personal website is a valuable asset and an excellent way to gain national exposure. Consider having more than one networking site. Popular choices are Facebook, Bebo, MySpace and Linked In.

5.) Networking:
This is a very important step to achieve successful results. Whether you choose Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Linked In or a personal website, now it is time to start networking. By reaching out to others you can allow them to share personal information and your talents, as you gain nation-wide exposure. Once you begin networking, you will begin to notice an increase of followers and exposure. In most cases this tends to happen rather quickly.

Breana Orland is a writer for Education Grants. Breana also gives advice on the pursuit of higher education and career options for young adults.

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