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Hi, I will be on a panel speaking about Crowdfunding on January 22, 2014!

Business Enterprise Center at 6109 S. Western Avenue Los Angeles 90047.

To register, please contact:

Business Development Loan Officer
Vermont-Slauson Economic Development Corp.
1130 W. Slauson AVenue
Los Angeles, CA 90044
323-753-2335 ofc
323-753-6710 fax

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4 steps you can follow to build your business credit

As an experienced Canadian credit reporting professional and a business man himself, Pat Drummond knows the challenges that small businesses face, and has learned from experience how to avoid common mistakes, which may eat up valuable time and money. Small businesses especially ones that are generally family-owned or those that have been operating for less than 2 years need access to credit. Here are 4 steps you can follow to build your business credit:

1. Establish a Business Credit Report

Every business starts with no credit score, and no credit history. Similar to your personal credit report, a business good credit profile can help your company grow and prosper. As you make connections to your business clients, you can start to build your working relations and credit profile.  As the business expands and starts establishing it, approvals for loans will get easier.

2. Leverage Business Relationships

It is important to start building a good business foundation and working relationship with your suppliers. There may be a variety of vendors which your business relies upon to get the job done or to provide products and having a great working relationship can help to improve your business credit report. If you regularly shop at Home Depot for example, you can open up a contractor account and start to build your business credit in that way. Many companies will offer perks and special discounts for regular customers. This includes private businesses and contractors.

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3. Justify the Loan

Having a sound business plan will go a long way into helping secure the credit and loans that your growing business needs. When requesting credit, lenders such as banks will want to know what you plan to do with the money. A solid plan will not only help you success on your plan, but will also calm the nerves of lenders and any investor who may want to support the business financially.

4. Separate Business from Personal Credit

This is a common mistake among small business owners. It is easy to fall into this situation because you want your business to succeed. However, keep in my that separating your personal finances and your business finances is a must. Your credit report will be in a much healthier position and you will reduce the risk of your business impacting your personal credit score. If the business were to ever close or go bankrupt the consequences can be significant and even worse when you are held personally liable for business debts.

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Business Mistakes Even Smart People Make

May Wright

May Wright (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As 2013 is making way for 2014, it is vitally important for you to learn from your travels.     I decided that I am going to tackle business fundamentals in order to enlighten those of you who are ready for 2014.  We are going to start today.  Yes, right now.

I have observed over this past year and made note of topics that people needed clarity in.  I want to share with you, the key elements that will not only allow you to grow and follow the natural positive flow of your business. Your brand will be just where you envisioned it. But only if you actually DO what you learn.

It all starts with YOU!!!  Life is about raising the bar and achieving new heights.  In order to get to your destination you have to put your car in drive.  Are you ready to change gears?  I know you are.

Authors don’t invest in themselves to reach one person and artists don’t make their mix tapes and spend long hours making their music to sit idle on reverb nation.  Small businesses owners don’t pour their heart out only to obtain a few clients, right? You don’t have to wait until you complete some mythical goal to get started with me. Frankly, if you could have reached that goal alone, you would have. Now you have help to reach that goal and now it the time.

Well, just what does it take, Dr. Wright?  I am so glad that you asked.  Before I answer, I want to ask you a question first.  This is about you.  What are you trying to accomplish?   That’s all the time I have for today but remember what I always say!  Ignoring one’s conscience is neither safe nor right!  ~ Dr. Letitia Wright

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