The New Give-Away in the Newsletter

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The New Give-Away in the Newsletter

This season our newsletter will have some nice business freebies! Why? I want to help you and your business grow. That’s all.

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When you sign up for the newsletter, each week you will find something that’s useful, free and cool. Something you can use to grow your business and your fame.


If you are the one giving the gift, you’ll get promoted to out entire tribe through the newsletter. Here are the steps:

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  • Sign up for the newsletter
  • Reply to the newsletter with details about your give away with information and links
  • Wait to see it in our newsletter!

It’s that simple.


Sign up today- you are missing out on great stuff!

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Crowdfunding World’s Lightest Electric Skateboard

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Crowdfunding World’s Lightest Electric Skateboard

Lightest Skateboard

This skateboard is not a kids toy. It’s not only fun for adults but practical too. It’s made to be used as part of your transportation. It’s easy to bring on a bus or train with you. You don’t need to worry about parking! The board is light weight, it only weighs 8.6 lb. and goes up to 18.6 mph. There are no belts to break. This board is made with planetary gears. It has enough power to go uphill on a 30 degree slope. The breaking features are controlled by a remote. The board supplies a smooth ride for everyone, even beginners.

Stary (the skateboard) is already a big winner with lots of fans. They have reached over $227,000 (at the time of this post) and have passed their $100,000 goal. There are some wonderful stretch goals. At $250,000 free engraving will be available. At $350,000 you can get a set of spare wheels and the tools to fix it. At $500,000 the deck can be upgraded to carbon fiber. Boards are available at $499. The early bird specials are sold out. With this board you can save the ecology, save money and save time.

Young Man With Full Beard

Young Man With Full Beard

You can still grab your here! Everyone loves this skateboard, find out what it’s all about here

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