Media Tour Kick-off

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Attention Entrepreneurs…

If You Want More Media Exposure This Summer – Then You Need to Read This and  the Fastest, Easiest Way to Make That Happen!

In our ultra-competitive professional world, talent and ambition are not always enough. Wright Place Media Tour Kick off is the solution!

Need some new content on your website that promotes YOU? Read more

How Realtors Got Hot (Again)

Listen to this article here!

From my trip to Canada in 2011

Have you noticed that Realtors are hot again? Maybe you didn’t Read more

Crowd Funding a Dance TV Show


film (Photo credit: seriykotik1970)

Thinking about Crowd Funding Ideas in Media?

Filmmaker, actress and entrepreneur Lucinda Chrisman is  raising funds for a TV series she’s creating in Sacramento. Read more

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