Crowdfunding 101 (July 23rd @ 10am)

Crowdfunding 101 Workshop will cover:

  • The Basics of Crowdfunding
  • How Crowdfunding Works
  • What are the latest developments
  • Where should an entrepreneur start when raising capital
  • Read more

Crowd Funding 102- Setting up your crowd funding Campaign

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Palin’s Shade of Lipstick

Sarah Palin A few days ago, I predicted a new shade of lipstick taken from what Palin wears. Sometimes she wears a reddish color however, many photos of her show a tawny, natural color on her lips. Shine however not a lot of color. Most conservative Christians do not believe in a lot of make up for women. She walks the fine line of making sure she is attractive, yet not offensive to her audience. A lot conservative Christians also do not believe in women taking higher positions than their man ( the man is the leader of the home), so I dont know how she is going to work that angle.

    However, I am here to talk about LIPSTICK shades. Why? Because it will be the biggest money maker a company can get in the next few years. Nancy Reagan Red was a real hip. I wasn’t even wearing make up, and I knew what it was. Not everyone wants to look like Bush’s mom. A Palin shade of lipstick would be a best seller. Maye someone is working on a licensing deal for it right now. As soon as the election settles, they will come out with it. Or maybe, like the NFL for the superbowl. They are coming out with three shades- Michelle, Sarah and McCain colors and when they see who wins, that will hit the market. Ferrari has a computer monitor, why can’t she have a lipstick color?

    However it shakes out, it begs this Question: When you look at the current market, what new products can you come out with? What new discussions can you have with your buyers? What changes are you going to make for 2009? Read more

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