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Dr. Wright talks about what she is reading, a few book launches from JP Sears, Kim Coles and Carol Pilkington, Crowdfunding and Celebrate Life Cancer Ministries.


Dr. Letitia Wright Leads the search for Speakers for the Biggest Comeback Ever Event

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Dr. Letitia Wright leads the search for speakers for the Biggest Comeback Ever Event, which goes live August 8, 2015. The event was created by and for speakers to give the viewers hope and action steps to follow their dreams. Most people who have become a success have had some sort of setback. By sharing the setbacks and how to overcome them, the speakers become wonderful role models for others.

The event will host four anchor speakers: Dr. Willie Jolley, Kim Coles, Delatorro McNeil and Allyson Byrd. These speakers will be speaking at the event and also helping to promote the event. Dr. Willie Jolley is known as the ‘Come-back Guru’. He is known for helping people get back to their greatness. Kim Coles has launched a new venture where she coaches women on success and self-love. Delatorro McNeil is one of the top speakers in the United States. The National Speakers Association officially ranks him at #32. Allyson Byrd teaches business owners how to leverage their business and grow their income exponentially.

This event will be free to the public and everyone is invited to watch online or attend live in the Washington D.C. area. With online access, speakers will have access to thousands of people online and all over the world. Dr. Wright will be interviewing speakers for this event by appointment only. Speakers can make an appointment online when they go to www.TalkwithDrWright.com

Kim Coles- How to Get Your Goals

Kim Coles talks about how to have what you want and sees the winner of her seat at the last high tea!

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