Crowdfunding: People with the Occasional Appetite for a Biscuit

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A 25-piece collection of surprisingly intriguing photographs of slow roasted bones and various chunks of dog meat. A quirky coffee table book filled with fun displays of gut-wrenching dog treats in an elevated food photography style. It’s a somewhat dark new publication which formed spontaneously due to a lack of food or other things for humans to photograph. Light humor involving the dog meat industry and a few vegan options like “Dental Chew Stick” for humans and canines who like to keep it clean.

Camille Lesar has great ideas on how to use the book:


Ways to use this book:

As personal enjoyment

As a way to curb hunger

As a gift

A way to turn someone vegan

Take it on trips or carry in your purse to relieve separation anxiety

Crazy dog person table decor

Photo references at your next butchering seminar

A way to lead into a conversation about the meat industry’s impact on global warming

A bedtime story for your dog


The rewards include coasters, puzzles made from the photos postcards, the book, and more!

Support this unique project here

Monster Lab with Liam McIntyre

Crowdfunding Success on Monster Lab with Liam McIntyre

They are already over the $10,000 goal! I talk about some of the tools that made them successful.

It’s a card game!

I am DrWright1 on Periscope



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Want to get the clear picture of what Crowdfunding is?

Get the free resource guide here

and you can download the guide.

Crowdfunding the Masterpiece

The idea is to carve a masterpiece from stone for Christians.  It’s called The Kachkar. It’s been 30 years in the making and is very intricate. For the last six years, 18 men have worked on it in the city of Armenia. The Red stone represents peace, strength, freedom and infinity. World Renown artist Roy Butler will be doing a smaller rendition of the work.  The handmade reproductive piece. A mold will be made with multiple copies. It will give the sculpture back to people who would love to have it. It will be available to all. You can order one of these pieces for yourself and help in a variety of ways when you visit the Kickstarter campaign. It’s unique. I assure you, you have never seen anything like this before. The work is elegant.



You can support this project here.

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