A Culinary Affair

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Nikki Hoard, the founder of the PASH Foundation, is seeking donations for ‘A Culinary Affair’, a November 14th fundraising event benefiting the victims and families of Alzheimer’s disease. She created the PASH Foundation in honor of her mother who passed away in 2009 at the age of 60 after being diagnosed with the disease at the age of 54. As a result of the disease, Nikki’s mother was no longer able to speak, recognize any family or friends, eat, drink, and all of her internal organs had shut down.

After losing her mother to the disease, Nikki has made it her mission to save lives by creating awareness, educating people on Alzheimer’s prevention strategies and raising money to build a facility that will cater to people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, stroke victims, and other patients who need assistance.

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Brooklyn Warehouse raises $21,000 in 60 days

New York City Hall

New York City Hall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In just 60 days, its first time using crowd funding, they got 103 contributors who helped the Windsor Street eatery raise $21,450, or 71 per cent, of the original goal.

The money is earmarked to help cover a $30,000 renovation that once complete, will replace the restaurant’s summer patio with a permanent, all-season atrium and nearly double the seating capacity. Read more

What’s Illegal About Crowd Funding?

English: This graph depicts the effectiveness ...

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People say you can not do general solicitation.
If you are trying to sell securities by general solicitation, then you are doing something which
violates SEC rules.

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