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Just in time for the holidays, you can get in on a new line of clothing and even share it with loved ones. This lifestyle fashion brand. Here is what their company is about: veOrvogue is a men’s and women’s lifestyle brand targeting the 15-25 demographic, but overflowing with appeal for the fashionista in us all. Drawing inspiration from culture and the arts, it embodies the glitz, glamour and spirit of mainstream pop culture with designs that are simultaneously cutting-edge and timeless. It demands to be seen. It demands to be heard. And above all, it demands to be remembered.

What does it mean? OV Means Over” Designer T-shirt collection. You must do your own due diligence and be responsible for your purchases. They need to get more equipment and show in the fashion mall, this December. They want to expand to fragrances and jewelry as the line grows. You can support them here:http://www.overvogue.com/ 

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Instant Chafing Relief

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MG_5850Finally a Solution: Instant Chafing Relief!

Finally a Solution: Instant Chafing Relief

It’s a problem that plagues almost all women of all shapes and sizes.  It’s the most dreaded issue in the summertime months, yet it’s the least spoken about.  Chafing.  The flab drab that will steer any woman away from her little black dress, especially in the summer heat.  A lot of venues offer instant chafing relief with exercise, magic potions, elixirs, and creams, with sometimes disappointing results.  Can there really be instant chafing relief?  We think so.

Who Knew Instant Chafing Relief Could Be So….Messy?

Chafing is actually a bigger deal than what most think, which is why it’s sent many women rushing to find instant chafing relief.  Chafing can be an irritating problem, causing blistering, bleeding, and sometimes sores, depending on the frequency of friction.  Running, walking and jogging without proper athletic wear or apparel can make matters even worse overtime, causing a great deal of pain. Raw skin can appear, where infection may follow.  Should all of this be the cost of bearing those lady legs?

So admit it.  You’ve probably tried every known remedy to find instant chafing relief.  You’ve tried powders, messy gels and even natural remedies.  Brand name gels claiming to relieve and prevent thigh chafing have lined your medicine cabinet. Some turn to unflattering and uncomfortable girdles, only to continue the cycle of discomfort. But all you seem to be left with are stains on your favorite dress, unflattering stich lines, and gel running down your thigh.  This can oftentimes be a hassle, especially during the season of short shorts and minis.

Instant chafing relief has been advertised in many miracle solutions, but none have been very viable and well…instant. That is until Bandelettes came along. Bandelettes are the simple, yet sexy solution to the inconvenience of creams and home remedies.  Resembling the top band of thigh high tights, Bandelettes combines sex appeal and comfort, and can be worn underneath shorts, skirts, and dresses with no notice of unruly stitch line.

Courtesy of Bandelettes.com

Instant Chafing Relief: Chafing Thighs vs. “Chub Rub”

This product takes into consideration the real cause of chafing, which is not related to size, but to body structure.  The relative angle of the hips, thighs and knees usually determine the severity of chafing.  With this in mind, consumers can rest assured that the design will fit their needs (and did we mention, sexy lace?).  Its design carries silicone, non-slip bands, which means it’s staying in place.  So far we’ve seen users that testify to its comfort and attractive styles. Consumers have been raving that Bandelettes are breathable and lightweight, which means no adjusting.

In a world of fast paced consumers, many look for the instant way to solve common issues.  Chafing, although its discomforts only show on the faces of women during the summer months, is a common issue that everyone experiencing it attempts to find instant relief of.

My Q and A- Eyelash Extensions

If you pride yourself on being up-to-date in the beauty or fashion industry, the odds are that you have heard about eyelash extensions. You have probably seen celebrities walk down the red carpet with long, luxurious-looking eyelashes. Maybe you even want to get your own pair of eyelash extensions applied, but have a few questions. Keep on reading to find some FAQ’s on synthetic lashes.


Q: What exactly are eyelash extensions?

A: Eyelash extensions or synthetic lashes are semi-permanent extensions that are applied to your already existing eyelashes. They are applied using special adhesives and glues, and can stay on even when you go swimming or go to bed at night. These lashes can stay on for several weeks, and with proper treatments and re-visits to your salon, can stay on much longer than several weeks.

Q: Should I be wary of who applies my lashes?

A: Yes, you should absolutely be wary of who applies your extensions. Only trained technicians should be participating in this sensitive process. Be wary of “freelance” eyelash extension experts, who probably learned how to apply the synthetic lashes via YouTube or some other source. Always make an effort to go to a recognized lash lounge or salon that has great reviews and has been open for some time.

Q: Will eyelash extensions hurt my natural eyelashes?

A: As long as you do not try to pull off the extensions, they will not hurt your natural lashes. Because synthetic lashes are applied with very strong glues, they may actually cause you to pull out your own eyelashes if you try to take out the extensions. The extensions are applied individually to each one of your lashes.

In summary, eyelash extensions are synthetic lashes that are applied to your naturally occurring lashes. Specialists around the country have been able to build businesses based solely on applying eyelash extensions, and have years of experience in doing what they do. Never apply your own eyelash extensions, always turn to a pro.

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