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Just in time for the holidays, you can get in on a new line of clothing and even share it with loved ones. This lifestyle fashion brand. Here is what their company is about: veOrvogue is a men’s and women’s lifestyle brand targeting the 15-25 demographic, but overflowing with appeal for the fashionista in us all. Drawing inspiration from culture and the arts, it embodies the glitz, glamour and spirit of mainstream pop culture with designs that are simultaneously cutting-edge and timeless. It demands to be seen. It demands to be heard. And above all, it demands to be remembered.

What does it mean? OV Means Over” Designer T-shirt collection. You must do your own due diligence and be responsible for your purchases. They need to get more equipment and show in the fashion mall, this December. They want to expand to fragrances and jewelry as the line grows. You can support them here:http://www.overvogue.com/ 
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Instant Chafing Relief

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MG_5850Finally a Solution: Instant Chafing Relief!

Finally a Solution: Instant Chafing Relief

It’s a problem that plagues almost all women of all shapes and sizes.  It’s the most dreaded issue in the summertime months, yet it’s the least spoken about.  Chafing.  The flab drab that will steer any woman away from her little black dress, especially in the summer heat.  A lot of venues offer instant chafing relief with exercise, magic potions, elixirs, and creams, with sometimes disappointing results.  Can there really be instant chafing relief?  We think so. Read more

My Q and A- Eyelash Extensions

If you pride yourself on being up-to-date in the beauty or fashion industry, the odds are that you have heard about eyelash extensions. You have probably seen celebrities walk down the red carpet with long, luxurious-looking eyelashes. Maybe you even want to get your own pair of eyelash extensions applied, but have a few questions. Keep on reading to find some FAQ’s on synthetic lashes.


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