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By Fancydad

At a time when many women continue to face the dilemma ‘Family or career?’, Slater & Gordon commissioned OnePoll to carry out some timely research earlier this year by interviewing 1000 new mothers about their return to work.  The results are interesting but, sadly, they are also hugely predictable, with almost a third of those interviewed feeling penalised for their natural and legitimate ‘predicament’, and over half facing changing attitudes in the workplace after their pregnancies became known.  So much progress in equality, yet we fail at the most basic level. Read more

Reflection Week

Reflection Week

We are almost into June 2013

It’s been 6 months and it’s now time to look around.

When looking at this years goals? Are you half way there?

Are you ahead? Behind? Or what?

Where do you need assistance? Read more

Thinking of Continuing Your Education?

English: Springfield Mount - University of Lee...

English: Springfield Mount – University of Leeds Dept. of Continuing Education This was built as a seminary and was then taken over as an adult education center. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thinking of Continuing Your Education? Read more

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