Revamping your email systems- part 1

Upgrade your email system- here is how…

Email can be controlled. If you want it to be. As a business owner, before you hire someone to deal with your email, you need a system they can follow. There are a lot of systems, I just want to share the simple one I use to clear my inbox every day that I work. I don’t clear it daily because I take days off. Even if I am behind in work or behind in my goals. That’s a post for another day.

There are 5 things that need to happen with email

Delete- just delete the stuff you dont care about and are not going to read. Remove yourself from an email list that you find you are not really reading what they send over a month. It saves you the visual garbage and its saves THEM money, not paying to email you when you no longer wish to get them or read them. Read more

How I Create Interesting Blog Posts

Early morning

Image by 55Laney69 via Flickr

Let’s face it.  This is not going to be one of those articles where they say, “Put in quality articles“ or  “Put in pictures”.  I won’t waste your time with silly stuff like that.  Here’s the truth:  You’ve got to write about what you’re tribe is interested in.  That’s what makes a blog interesting.  It’s something I want to read.  You cannot be interesting to the whole world.  You can be fascinating to your whole tribe.  Just write what the tribe is looking for.  Keep it sweet.  Keep it simple.

Here’s your in-depth how-to:  Look at what your tribe is talking about on social media.  Look at what they’re talking about on their own blogs and specifically write posts that address that.  It’s called “eavesdropping”.  Yes, you eavesdrop on your tribe and you write about what they already want to know about.  The social media is like having a party line to everybody in town.  So, take a moment.  Look up your e-mail list.  Look up their domains.  Look at their social media.  Go to their websites.  See what they’re doing and address exactly what they want to know and what they’re talking about.  And you’ll be fascinating.  And you’ll get a lot of traffic. Read more