Online English teachers, is this the latest trend?

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Article by Thomas Peterson

Online English teachers, is this the latest trend?

I would like to talk a little bit about something I have observed on the internet recently. It seems to me that there is a growing industry that is all to do with teaching online. When you think about it it makes perfect sense doesn’t it? I mean Skype is so reliable these days and so many more people have it that is seems to make sense that there would be an increase in language lessons.

Student teacher in China teaching children Eng...

I have found a few language schools that have been really interesting in the sense that they have really made it easy for me to start teaching right away. One that I would like to talk about is “Our language cafe”  this site is one of the first sites I went to when I was looking for a good way to get lots of students fast. The site seemed very clear to me unlike many others. I was able to get students within 3 days of registering.

I have always taught English around the world, but of course this has mainly been in the classroom. Since living in the countryside I have been more and more inclined to teach online as it is just such a convenient way of making some part time money.

I do think that since I started teaching 3 years ago I have seen a steady trend in this industry. There is more and more competition amongst teachers to get students and this is why having the platform sites is a great thing as they do the hard work for you.

One of the joys of teaching is that you can be your own boss and you can set the hours that you work. Of course some of the downsides are that you never know how much work you will get. But I think if you register with some online language platforms like the one above you will have a steady stream of students.

Also another thing is sometimes students do not turn up for lessons. This occasionally happens but when you get payment from students beforehand you can charge them something for this “no show” lesson.

I have found it really is a great fun way to meet interesting people and also have a lot of fun teaching. I think it can be rewarding when you see students progress as well. There’s lots of sides to teaching online. You can get specific if you wish and you can teach Business English or maybe help people prepare for tests. On the other side of the coin you can just do conversational lesson. I have found that a lot of people really just want a mix of things, some of this and some of that, but students always like it when you correct their mistakes.

All in all, I really recommend this kind of work. Good luck!

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The 3 Essential Elements for a Successful Social Support System

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The 3 Essential Elements for a Successful Social Support System

By Sandy

The world of online marketing, ecommerce and lifestyle entrepreneurship can be an isolating one. Yet, humans are social creatures and thrive from having a social support system. It leads to better and faster learning experiences, increased positive behavior and connections to additional opportunities. Business leaders today absolutely must put a system of support into place.  Without it, one runs the risk of losing touch with customers, new technology and trends and overall falling behind.

Not only has implementing this social support system accelerated the launch of my online store, Get Unrobed, but it has done the same for many of my peers. I have seen members of my mastermind group soar to the top of iTunes in days, launch eLearning systems with success and increase their total audience in an amazingly short period of time. Peers in my online course have launched many successful ecommerce sites in a much shorter period of time than those struggling alone. So, today, I’ve given you a quick rundown of three essential parts to any business leader’s support system.

Find a Structured Learning Environment

From my experience working with college students, I know that many of them expect learning to cease once their diploma is in hand. Unfortunately, this mentality won’t get anyone very far. Learning might become less structured once formal schooling is completed, but that only means one must take more initiative to get ahead. This also means that only the most motivated will seek out ways to increase their knowledge outside of “the school of hard knocks.”

When I first decided to open an ecommerce site, I quickly sought out a course that could teach me everything I needed to know about getting started. Luckily for me, and for you, we live in an age that caters to information seekers. Information is available online, 24/7. However, this doesn’t mean that all information is quality information. Although I could have spent hours, days, weeks even months, searching the internet and finding a bread crumb trail of information to put all the pieces together, it was much quicker and easier to instead search for a quality course.

You have a few options here. First, you can enroll in a specialized course at a local college, you can arrange to attend an intense training program that might require traveling and lodging, or you can enroll in an online course.

Today, many business leaders are producing online courses. Personally, I think this is a great option. First, there are many to choose from. Second, they are cost effective and third, you have access to a professional in the field who is knowledgeable on the subject, right from your home or office.

If you do select the online route, be sure to have a system in place for staying organized and a timeline for moving through the course material. Not everyone will reap the benefits of a course. Only those dedicated to the work, the readings and who put the steps into action will come out successful.

In 5 Tips to Succeed in an Online Course by US News, they suggest following a consistent schedule with a dedicated work space, just like you would if your professor set up a course that you were required to attend in person. This structure will keep you accountable so you don’t fall behind and end up wasting time and money on the course.


Join a Mastermind Group

In addition to a formal learning environment, you’ll need a group of peers that you can connect with, share ideas with and collaborate with. A mastermind group is a great way to network with other like minded individuals who are on the same path that you are on.  The now famous quote by Jim Rohn, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” actually has roots in social science.  Humans have good reason to mimic one another. It is essential to our survival. So, if you surround yourself with individuals that exhibit particular behavior, you will likely begin to pick up on that behavior as well.

A mastermind group allows you to surround yourself with highly motivated and focused individuals that are exhibiting behavior worth picking up on. If you want to change your behavior for the better, surround yourself with peers that are smarter than you, more motivated than you and more experienced than you. Your actions will follow shortly.

Secure a Personal mentor

Although the above two options are magnificent places to start, having a one on one relationship with someone who is where you want to be in the future will give you inside access to knowledge and a personal “in” with a more successful network of peers that you would otherwise not have access to.

How do you go about finding a mentor if you are just starting out, or don’t have access to highly successful people? In Tim Ferris’ popular trilogy (The Four Hour Workweek, The Four Hour Body and The Four Hour Chef), he explains how to contact people who can help you learn at an accelerated pace. He suggests contacting someone who was at the top of their game about 5 years ago. This gives you a better opportunity of connecting because this person will be less busy and more willing to take on the responsibility of a mentee. Reach out to a few people and ask them a question related to their field of work. Don’t make the question too simple, it should be something you can’t discover with research, something only they can answer. After you make this initial contact, continue the dialogue and see if you can develop a relationship.

If you are interested in a more active relationship, you could ask the person directly if they will be your mentor. They might be willing to take you on as an apprentice in exchange for a fee or in exchange for work.

The bottom line: Don’t go it alone. Although the internet, smart phones and other technology has taken us further from direct human interaction and brought more information to our fingertips, it is still quicker and easier to learn from those who have done it before, and those doing it now. In addition, you will start to create a network of strong, motivated peers that can help you in the future. Set up your social support network and start accelerating your success.

Sandy Donovan

Sandy is the owner of Get Unrobed – an online retail store where you can find a kimono robe or a set of bridesmaid robes. In addition, Sandy is a communication professor in Nevada and interpersonal communication researcher.

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Navigating Learning Curve of the Birth Year and Beyond

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Navigating Learning Curve of the Birth Year and Beyond

by Laura Saba of

Today’s parents face challenges unlike any generation before.

They’re greeted by an avalanche of conflicting information.  There’s much to learn about your body, transitioning friendships and relationship, not to mention education on parenting and care methods, gadgets, and more.

Experts and businesses vie for one’s attention and dollars, and it is difficult to know which advice to trust.  This has given rise to the “Birth” and “Mommy” Wars – a natural response to conflicting information in a climate where one must keep up with the Joneses while always seeking that “one right answer” they learned through years of schooling must magically exist.  The result?  Serious stress!

Parents bump into a lot of dogma in terms of birth options, be it allopathic (“The epidural is the answer!”) or Natural Childbirth (“All doctors, hospitals, and especially that epidural, are evil!”).   Most know there must be more to it, yet when experts weigh in on both sides with equally compelling information, neither quite resounds with most parents.   Parenting choices are similarly complex.

So, they turn to friends and family for advice, only to find more turmoil and disagreement there!

Reality hits: Every choice they are about to make carries political and personal statements.  The pressure is on.  No matter which path they choose, which options they embrace, they will be judged by others.

The only sane recourse is to choose what ‘‘best fits” one’s family and needs, regardless of what anyone else thinks.  How though, to best determine that?

It isn’t easy.  Plus it feels important to get this right, a baby is depending on you.

They key is to remember to stay true to yourself. What’s right for another family may not be right for you.  There’s no cookie-cutter solution.  Just like there is no ‘perfect’ labor.  We all arrive at our journey from a different starting point, and from different circumstances.   It should be a red flag when someone insists their way is the only way.  The only best way is that which best serves your family.

Many are turning to birth support personnel to guide them while providing hands-on comfort and support during pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum period.

You must be selective when choosing a support person.  The key is to retain someone who won’t foist their agenda on you, but rather support you in finding your own custom solutions and path.   For this reason many go with a Momdoulary Certified Professional.  These individuals are educated as birth, postpartum, and antepartum doulas, as well as in areas of childbirth education, parent preparation coaching, and family lifestyle organizing – all from a space that is free of judgment.  They will never tell you what you should choose, but rather help you understand and assess the options,then support you on implementation.  Again, having support in your corner, designed to support you in assessing your needs from an objective place, is a gift most parents need.

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