Che Brown’s 72-Hour Sales Leadership Livecast and Retreat

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Dr. Che Brown

Dr. Che Brown

Dr. Letitia Wright will be a speaker at the event live! 

Globally acclaimed sales trainer Che Brown’s 72-Hour Sales Leadership Livecast is all set to start on February 6, 2015. It will be hosted over a period of three days at a private retreat in Ellicott City, Maryland. This sales leadership livecast will also be streamed live online. The renowned sales training company Partners in Learning, will be hosting as they facilitate sales professionals in making more sales with minimum efforts. Read more

Ever thought of Co-hosting?

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Many people have co-hosts for their podcasts, radio shows, web shows and television shows. Some even have co-bloggers for their blog. Why? Because you can create a great environment for your tribe when you have two people at the helm.




There are a few people who do it really well. Think Regis and Kelley- Well, now it’s Kelly and Michael! Che Brown and Trevor Otts own it in the online webinar space. Penn Jillette had a co-host on his blog talk radio show. Co-hosting is an art! Read more

Time Clock Wizard

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Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 11.03.27 AM Time Clock Wizard will make managing your employees a whole lot easier. Managing a number of employees online can be quite a handful. We spend a lot of time managing their schedules, timekeeping, absences, and payroll. We usually have to hire somebody or buy software to keep track of employees’ working hours and payroll. Time Clock Wizard will be able to cover everything that is needed faster and better.  The best thing about it is that it is the Original Full-Featured and Totally FREE Online Time Clock! You don’t need to spend additional money and time in running your business efficiently.

Keeping track of your home-based employees is a very tedious process. That’s why Time Clock Wizard comes with very useful features:

•    Manage payroll easily for hours worked and wages payable Read more

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