Yeah, You Still Need to Post 3 Times a Week!

Geri Jewell

Google has yet another program that helps to keep tabs on the “freshest ” material. New things on your blog will help your website get to the top of Google. I have three blogs, so I am looking at triple the work ( of writing). I am also looking at changing my style of posts. I want to experiment with more personal things and business, not just how to articles. So let’s all start posting more “fresh” stuff!

When I met Geri Jewell ( DEADWOOD) last month I had no idea she had a new book out. She was kind of quiet and shy and just enjoyed the day sitting at my cabana. She was not throwing her book at everyone with a pulse. She was nice to pose with me in the picture. Now that I know the book is out, I am more inclined to support her book. Congrats on your new book Geri. Read more

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Dr. Letitia Wright

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