Best Resources 2013


The Following are a list of people who have been a wonderful and ongoing asset for my business. I wanted to share these people with you and say Thank you to those on the list.

*This is list will not be completed until December 31, 2013, so check back often. This list is not a ranking order list.

Roberta Lauderdale Elam  This is my mother. I literally would not be here without her. She is the ultimate resource and support system. She walked down the isle this year in the wedding dress of her dreams to the new man of her dreams. We all need to get on THAT level. Love you Mom!  Read more

4 Hour Work Day

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NO- I did not get it wrong, I know it’s 4 hour work week, however, I am not looking for a 4 hour work week. This summer I wanted a 4 hour work day. Instead of being down on myself for wanting to enjoy the long days, I decided to increase my efficiency and then just take the rest of the time off. Now, you never know WHICH 4 hours of the day it will be. That’s my choice as a business owner. But I am free of guilt for slacking off or day dreaming while watching the butterflies in the office garden.

I am using a strategy I learned from Dave Lakhani – work for 50 min and then take a 10 min break. I Modified it to work for 20 and take a break  and I also use the action machine to time myself. Read more

Social Platform Fatigue

I know we are supposed to be thrilled over every new social media platform  and service that comes out. They are all supposed to be fun and connect us to our most powerful, authentic, creative, in -the-know selves.

Each is supposed to be better than the other, each is supposed to be so innovative that you cant livwithout it. They have a pages for invitations trying to make it seem like something you love.I am getting social media platform fatigue. I am burnt out from trying the new stuff, and giving yet another platform my passwords and access to my facebook and twitter accounts.

I am tired of trying to download yet another app to my iPhone.  Linkedin will post to both my twitter and facebook accounts. It will add pictures. Cinch can add the audio. I am ready for web 3.0 I don’t want to spend my time continually updating the same types of solution over and over. All they do it is post. Really? Maybe our businesses would do better, if we spent more time learning how to close sales in this economy. Read more

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