NathLock Bluetooth Keyless Lock

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What if you have a padlock with no keys to lose or combination to forget? What if you could connect to the padlock with your smart phone? When you have NathLock, instead of having to remember to bring your keys, risk forgetting them, or even risk forgetting a lock combination, now you can unlock it with just your smartphone or a tap to the lock. There’s no app to launch, no key, and even no needs to take your phone out of your pocket.
For your convenience, we’ve outfitted NathLock with a series of advanced features to make it by far the best lock on the market. Feel like limiting the range even further or turning off auto-unlock? Not a problem! Want to know if your NathLock was just opened? You can get notifications for that. Forgot your phone or have auto unlock turned off? Just click the lock in a sequence you designate and it will open for you! It does use 2 HP batteries.
The NathLock has been featured on NPR, Billboard, Mashable, and many more publications. You never have to loan someone your key again. When you need to share NathLock and grant someone else access, the included app for iOS, Android, and Windows phone allows you to send either, one-time or multi-use keys. That way when you’re away, you can allow someone access, but on your terms.

This project is Crowdfunding now on Indiegogo

Crowdfunding a Micro Vaporizer for eLiquid, Dry Herb or Tobacco

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This VapCap is elegant and can be used with any products. What’s new? No smoke and no batteries needed. It’s perfect for dry herbs as well as liquids. It’s made with stainless steel and silicone. There are no moving parts; there are no electronics. When you burn or smoke your herbs, they do not last long, and many yucky chemicals are produced as they burn. When the same materials are used in the VapCap, they last much longer, and there are no combustion byproducts. You and everyone around you will breath easier. Many current vaporizers tend to waste. They may not do a good job of vaporizing your material to the right temperature, and some even leak the vapor out while they are heating up or on stand-by. The VapCap is designed to minimize leakage when not in use and allows the user to adjust the vaporization temperature quickly and easily. Size & Weight- At only 3 and a half inches long, and 1/4 ounce or 7-9 grams, the VapCap and PyroVap will be the smallest, simplest and most efficient vaporizers on the market.

Green and Easily Recyclable- Our vaporizers do not have any electronic components, batteries or heavy metals. VapCaps are made from non-toxic and easily recyclable materials, this also includes the packaging. When you support this project, you can get the VapCap for yourself or get a retail kit that has 50 of them. Not only will you be in on the new trend, but you will also have a way to monetize it.

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Crowdfunding World’s Lightest Electric Skateboard

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Crowdfunding World’s Lightest Electric Skateboard

Lightest Skateboard

This skateboard is not a kids toy. It’s not only fun for adults but practical too. It’s made to be used as part of your transportation. It’s easy to bring on a bus or train with you. You don’t need to worry about parking! The board is light weight, it only weighs 8.6 lb. and goes up to 18.6 mph. There are no belts to break. This board is made with planetary gears. It has enough power to go uphill on a 30 degree slope. The breaking features are controlled by a remote. The board supplies a smooth ride for everyone, even beginners. Read more

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