Peanut Board – The Longboard Skateboard for Kids!

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It’s already a winner at half way to their goal. It’s safer than a standard skateboard. It is a child sized board that is wide and more stable. The wheel is lower in the center and it better for a child who wants to sit or lay down on the board. The boards come in natural wood, white board or chalk board. They can design their board over and over again. Jordan is not new at this, he is experienced in creating skateboard that people love. Now it’s time to go into production and manufacturing.

Purpose boards are back in the news with their new venture that is a SAFE LONGBOARD for kids!

Get yours and support them here

Twitter handle: purposeboards

Crowdfunding to Mentor Young People in Business

Maurice Watts is the owner of MAGNIFISCENTZ, an oil fragrances business. He wants to help teach young people how to have a business. He wants to create starter kits for them to begin and learn with. He will mentor them while they learn to focus on their business. Here’s what Maurice had to say about his Crowdfunding project.” Donations are needed to purchase a massive stock of oil fragrances which will be used to produce starter kits set for the starter programs, and a larger building to stock product, and to setup conference rooms to meet with young people to explain the business and starter program. All donations are very much appreciated.”

You can support his project here

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NathLock Bluetooth Keyless Lock

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What if you have a padlock with no keys to lose or combination to forget? What if you could connect to the padlock with your smart phone? When you have NathLock, instead of having to remember to bring your keys, risk forgetting them, or even risk forgetting a lock combination, now you can unlock it with just your smartphone or a tap to the lock. There’s no app to launch, no key, and even no needs to take your phone out of your pocket.
For your convenience, we’ve outfitted NathLock with a series of advanced features to make it by far the best lock on the market. Feel like limiting the range even further or turning off auto-unlock? Not a problem! Want to know if your NathLock was just opened? You can get notifications for that. Forgot your phone or have auto unlock turned off? Just click the lock in a sequence you designate and it will open for you! It does use 2 HP batteries.
The NathLock has been featured on NPR, Billboard, Mashable, and many more publications. You never have to loan someone your key again. When you need to share NathLock and grant someone else access, the included app for iOS, Android, and Windows phone allows you to send either, one-time or multi-use keys. That way when you’re away, you can allow someone access, but on your terms.

This project is Crowdfunding now on Indiegogo

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