Lean Corporations: Simplify, Standardize, Automate

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Lean Corporations: Simplify, Standardize, Automate 

The idea of “Lean Corporations” is far from being new. Every star-up, tech companies or industry giants know the value of a Lean training . It has been mostly referred to as the principles of effective manufacturing or automotive giant Toyota and throughout history, the teachings of this methodology enabled businesses to deliver cheaper products without compromising their quality.

Looking at existing examples, there have been quite a few companies that struggled to survive and managed to keep up with the rest not by laying off some of their staff but by improving efficiency. The Lean teachings were able to bring business closer to a more sustainable model that generates less and less waste and thus increases the profit margins. For many, investments made to train their staff pay off quickly. What seems as a great expense in the beginning actually brings more profits on a long term but not only the companies benefit from this scenario.

Looking at the issue from an employee’s perspective, obtaining a Lean certification that is paid by the organization is something that is worth mentioning on a C.V. In fact, many recruiting companies go an extra mile just to get their hands on a candidate that as such a certification. Obtaining it is a testimony itself that the individual was capable of implementing a project that reduced the costs in an organization. This is something that everyone is looking for and it can open the doors to better jobs and an ascending career.

In the end, the Lean system got the world to the point where it is today where abundance, affordability and high quality products dominate the markets. Not managing to comply to such demands from customers will lead to sale losses, liquidities frozen in assets and investments and even bankruptcy. It has come to a point in which Lean training is not optional, especially for the management teams.

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Information On Customer Service Support

Information On Customer Service Support
By CorryPal


Customers (Photo credit: Vinqui)

There are some scenarios where people may need to be guided in doing certain procedures. It is very frustrating for a client or a customer to enter a new organization and does not find somebody to direct him or her on what they are required to do. It is for this reason that many companies have introduced customer service support services to their institution.
The people who work on the customer service support desks have training. There are many things that one must learn to become a good customer attendant. One must know different languages and be fluent in them because you never know the type of customers you might meet. To be a good customer attendant you must be well educated and acquired the right skills.
Depending on which organization you are providing customer service support, you must have knowledge of the products that are sold there. Sometimes customer service involves marketing of goods of a company. The importance of the service varies from one product or service to another. You must also know that customer services are not only in companies that are involved in selling goods but also the institutions that provide services to people. A medical institution is a good example that uses such customer service support.
Customer service helps in generation of income for many companies. There will be no customer attendant who will talk ill about his or her company. Most of them will talk good things about the company which will also help to improve the good image of the company thus attracting more clients.

Customer Service Forum 2013 @ St George

Customer Service Forum 2013 @ St George (Photo credit: mylearning)

Technology has helped to improve the services. The introduction of automated customer services helps to reduce the number of employees especially those on the support desk. A good example of automated means include the sites that are found on the Internet. The automated means has another advantage. This is because one can use the service at any time of the day.
Another good example of automated services is the procedures that one is asked to follow on the phone when trying to get help about something. But the automated services have encountered some challenges. Some challenges are like some people cannot understand the languages used by the machines.
Other people on the other hand cannot follow the simple procedures. You cannot ask the machines any questions and thus it becomes limited to the learned people only. However both types of customer care services have been beneficial to many companies.
Take a look at worldwide101.com for more information.

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The 9 Core Competencies of Business for Active Duty, Veterans and Military Spouses

By Deanna Wharwood

Military Officer Wearing White Gloves

Today’s post is about the 9 Core Competencies of Business.  The 9 Core Competencies of Business is what we teach in our Essentials of Entrepreneurship Program for Veterans and Military Spouses at Capital Business Consulting and Coaching.  So, please allow me to introduce to you these concepts:

Core Competency #1:   Entrepreneurial Thinking.

Entrepreneurial thinking is having the ability to see the opportunities in front of you.  For example, I was listening to my father consult with a young man in Illinois regarding starting gun range and small firearms customizing store.  My father explained how in light of the recent change in the laws in Illinois, the young man’s venture should be very profitable.  The young man couldn’t see why the venture would be profitable stating “the farmers just let everyone practice in their fields.”  My father reminded him of the new law, “permission to carry of a firearm concealed” and the fact that, historically, in states that pass this law, the purchase of firearms goes up and the need for qualified trainers increases exponentially.  Needless to say, the young man, a former Army sniper, has begun his business and has been profitable in less than 3 months.  However, at first, he couldn’t even see the opportunity.

Core Competency #2:  Business Visioning

Business Visioning is having the ability to accurately assess your business idea and what it will take to bring your product or service to the market that would be most willing to buy it.

Core Competency #3:  Business Planning

Business planning is formalizing and solidifying your concept on paper.  With the business plan we create the foundation and the framework for the business.

Core Competency #4:  Marketing Your Business

There is a ton of information about marketing on the Internet so; I won’t go into it “ad nauseum” here.  I’ll just say that marketing is merely figuring out how you are going to let your potential customers know that you are in business.

Core Competency #5:  Salesmanship

Oh, the dreaded “S” word!  We’re all in the sales business.  The old adage is true:   “Nothing happens in the world until a sale is made.”   Here at Capital Business Consulting and Coaching, we teach our customers how to “coach the sale.”  No one feels “slimy” if you use our process.

Core Competency #6:  Managing Your Operations

Managing your operations is essentially how you are going to produce and deliver your product or service and deliver it to your customer.  Finally, ensuring that the people you need to pay have been paid.    Operations can be as simple or as complex as you need them to be, however, most businesses try to streamline operations to maximize profit.

Core Competency #7:  Managing Your Mindset

We train our clients on a multitude of subjects to include:   time management, life management, wealth management, self- management and energy management strategies that catapult you to your personal best and your business to the top of the market.

Core Competency #8:  Managing Your Team

The term “self-made millionaire” is a misnomer.  There is no such a thing as a “self-made millionaire.”  It always takes a team.  How you choose to manage your team of independent contractors, employees and consultants is fundamental to your success.

Core Competency #9:  Shifting from Business Doer to Business Owner

This is the final section where we show you that your “baby” is really an asset, an appreciating asset that with a little skill, a little money and some sweat equity, you can turn this asset into cash and execute the exit strategy, either by growing the business, selling the business or entering the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

So, there they are, the 9 Core Competencies of Business.  As you can see, the concepts are super simple and we teach the actions that go along with these concepts to our clients.  From the Army to the Air Force, from the USPHS to NOAA, the staff at Capital Business Consulting and Coaching wishes all of our Military Family Members a Happy, Safe and Prosperous 2013.

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Deanna Wharwood’s passion is to help veterans, service-disabled veterans and their dependents create the systems they need to start and grow businesses from their first dollar to six-figures. Unlike other coaches, consultants, mentors and trainers, she is a veteran who successfully transitioned from military life to entrepreneurship. Learn more about Deanna – The Veterans’ Coach and how she can help you!


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