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What I am doing right now…

This is an idea inspired by Inspired by Derek Sivers.

These are my priorities right now and I will update them as they change.

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So, as November wanes and Decembers lumbers closer..
  • I run The Wright Place TV Show, Showtime Media Academy, Crowdfunding Courses and VP for Film and Television with Peak Performers Institute
  • I am focused on finalizing my 90 day goals for 2016
  • I am booking speakers for the PNC conference (
  • I am coaching client on how to have their own show and make money with it
  • I have only local so- cal travel planned until the end of the year.
  • I am creating a new crowdfunding course
  • logging in some serious “in front of the fireplace” time
  • I lead or participate in several blabs each week– Media Monday Blab and Crowdfunding Friday Blabs
  • I plan on doing winter fun stuff- not working so much this season
  • I am working with private crowdfunding clients on their projects
  • Serious focus on my health ( after thanksgiving)
  • Excited about the new 2016  season of Wright Place TV Show
  • Spending a day at Disneyland before the end of the year.

Feel free to comment on what you are doing too!

Just Stop It!

There are a few things all business owners need to stop doing.

  • Stop thinking you can spend NO money on advertising your business and make a LOT of money
  • Stop spending more than 2 hours a week on social media pretending you are making money
  • Stop spending on things that do not increase the business income
  • Stop working all weekend without a break
  • Stop stalking prospects that will never become customers
  • Stop going after people who will NEVER spend ANY money with you
  • Stop hiring poorly
  • Stop joining groups that do not promote your business or help you grow.
  • Telling people you make 7 figures when the links on your website don’t even work

Just stop it!

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Why I Quit the Newsletter

I will no longer have a free newsletter available for the public.

Why? Lots of reasons that I will outline:

1. I want to decrease your amount of email.

The newsletter is not needed because of the RSS feed. When you use the RSS button  you can get all the updates from the site immediately. You then go to your RSS reader ( from google or yahoo) and read the updates. No more stuffed full email box.

And besides, if we are friends on Facebook or Twitter,  that also keeps you up to date.

2. I want to share some real business knowledge with you

I am not interested in wasting your time. My show and my website is supposed to be about growing your business. It’s for people who are serious. All the free info is posted plainly on the website for anyone to access. The New newsletter is $5 a month to subscribe. I can answer questions and dive deeply into subjects that you want to know about. I can give you insights from the show guests you can use right now. I no longer have a sense of holding back. I am not holding back the good stuff so I can turn it into a product.

To Subscribe use this link

3. I want to do things different

Yes, you should try to capture all who visit the website, but who is really interested in another lame ebook or FREE gift?

How about I be straight with you and focus on what you need?

IF you like what you read, you can subscribe to the newsletter for more. You can email questions and I will make sure the resources are there

for you.

It’s critical in the next three years that people create more cash flow with their business and serve more people.

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