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How I Started Blogging

How I began blogging

By Dr. Letitia Wright, D.C.

copyright 2010

I did not set out to become a blogger. When people started saying blogs got the most traffic, I converted my Wright Place TV Show site into a blog. At first I would post shows and do basic updates on what I was doing. But then I realized, I had a chance to share my own voice. I could write whatever I wanted. Mostly, I keep to the topics of the show: Business, Entrepreneurship, Publicity and Sponsorship.

However, I also take a few liberties and have fun. One post I wrote is called “I used to be an invisible friend”.  I WAS one, not HAD one. It’s a great post, my home town newspaper somehow found it and reposted it. I get to post videos on horrible interviews and break them down for the blog reader. I get to post audio interviews. Blogging is fun for me.  I never seem to run out of topics. I do however run out of time and offer guest post when I can. I love to write and writing comes easily to me. The real freedom came when I realized I did not have to write like Entrepreneur magazine or Black Business. I could be me and talk about who and whatever I wanted. I don’t think it will ever be a job I completely delegate away becuase I enjoy it so much.

Coach Iyabo is Blogging!

Ok, that is not really news, I just felt like talking loud!

She is doing really well with the 100 days of blogging challenge.

I like her site, check it out. My favorite post? How to Charge What You are Worth Read more

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