How I Started Blogging

How I began blogging

By Dr. Letitia Wright, D.C.

copyright 2010

I did not set out to become a blogger. When people started saying blogs got the most traffic, I converted my Wright Place TV Show site into a blog. At first I would post shows and do basic updates on what I was doing. But then I realized, I had a chance to share my own voice. I could write whatever I wanted. Mostly, I keep to the topics of the show: Business, Entrepreneurship, Publicity and Sponsorship.

However, I also take a few liberties and have fun. One post I wrote is called “I used to be an invisible friend”.  I WAS one, not HAD one. It’s a great post, my home town newspaper somehow found it and reposted it. I get to post videos on horrible interviews and break them down for the blog reader. I get to post audio interviews. Blogging is fun for me.  I never seem to run out of topics. I do however run out of time and offer guest post when I can. I love to write and writing comes easily to me. The real freedom came when I realized I did not have to write like Entrepreneur magazine or Black Business. I could be me and talk about who and whatever I wanted. I don’t think it will ever be a job I completely delegate away becuase I enjoy it so much.

Coach Iyabo is Blogging!

Ok, that is not really news, I just felt like talking loud!

She is doing really well with the 100 days of blogging challenge.

I like her site, check it out. My favorite post? How to Charge What You are Worth Read more

100 Days of Blogging

Tinu Abayomi-Paul has inspired me to do 100 days of Blogging. Why?

To increase traffic or at least see if it increases traffic to blog daily. More traffic to your blog means more sales of your items and events, and more people signing up for your newsletters.

I also write the blog for Lash 28 So I may extend the challenge to that one. Read more