Winning big by entering television competitions

Winning big by entering television competitions

We all know how many opportunities there are out there to win vacations, money, and various other prizes. But there is an often overlooked way to enter and win these contests: through television competitions. Most people look for competitions that are offered through stores, radio stations, and even spend money investing in lottery tickets. But some of these contests require money up front and are not guaranteeing that you will win anything if you do enter. By checking out the website for various programs, you will find competitions to enter that won’t cost you anything!

What are some of the competitions available? competitions
If you don’t watch any shows that advertise competitions, there is an easy way that you can go to one site and find out about multiple competitions. By visiting the ITV site, you can learn about the different competitions that are available for entry, what they require, and how long the contest is being held. This is a great resource to come back and check periodically to make sure that your name is entered in all contests that are currently being held.
This Morning competition
If you are fan of This Morning, you might already know about the fantastic prize they are offering right now. As long as you enter before April 17th, you can win cash as well as a variety of different gadgets!
Loose Women competition
From now until April 28, you have the opportunity to enter a contest to not only win £10,000 in vouchers for John Lewis, but you can also win £20,000 in cash!!

What does it require for me to enter?

No payment
The key to entering television show competitions is that most of them do not require you to pay any money up front. This gives you the ability to enter many contests at once without having to break the bank and chance that you will get nothing in return.
Phone Number
For most all competitions, you are required to give a phone number. The reason for this, besides obvious contact information in the case that you win, is that you are allowed to enter a certain number of times based on this phone number.
You have to have a valid identification card to take any of the trips or accept the money that is awarded, so providing the accurate name of the individual is crucial.
Limitation on entries
For all competitions there is a limit on the amount of times that you can enter a competition.

If you have a favorite show that you watch, you may have already checked out their website to see what competitions they have to offer, and may have even entered some contests before. This is the best way to start getting involved. You can enter contests for multiple television shows and prizes, and before you know it, you will be a winner!

Freelance Media Is A Business Owner’s Best Friend

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Freelance Media Is A Business Owner’s Best Friend

Did you know that there are ways you can get a lot of free advertising for your business?

That is what I want to talk about in this blog post today.   I want to show you why freelance media is a business owner’s best friend.

You may have noticed that a lot of forms of media have begun shrinking due to the internet.   Newspapers are a perfect example.   Less people are subscribing to receive those regular printed newspapers anymore.   The reason there are less subscribers is because there are now more options than ever before where people can get their information.

There are more media channels than ever before.   There are websites delivering that information.  There are more radio stations than ever before including satellite radio and internet based radio.   There are more television stations than ever before.  There are more niche channels than ever before.

With all these new forms of media out there, it has resulted in their being more writers and reporters than ever before.   These writers, reporters and journalists all need information in order to create their articles and content pieces for publication.   Business owners and other industry experts can be key players in helping those writers get access to the information they need.

Most business owners are experts within their industry.   After all, it generally takes a lot of expertise for a person to launch their own business in their field.   There are exceptions to that.   Yet, even in those situations, the business owner learns that very important industry knowledge pretty darn quickly.

If a business owner is an expert in her industry, then she is an ideal source of information that a writer can use to produce a story about that industry.   Information, especially good information, is very valuable these days.   Business owners possess a lot of really valuable information about their industries that they can trade for publicity.

When a writer interviews a business owner and uses the information gathered in that interview to produce an article, then the business owner usually gets mentioned and credited as being a source of information.   That generates free publicity for the business owner.  Depending on how popular the media is, that one story could make a drastic difference in your business.   Here is an example.

So why not use your position as a knowledgeable business owner to your fullest capability.  Take time to network with members of the media, especially ones who report about your industry.   Get to know as many of them as possible.   Make yourself available for interviews upon request.   If you are real ambitious, then go look for opportunities where you can get yourself interviewed right away.  Start the ball rolling.

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