Shodo: The Quiet Art of Japanese Zen Calligraphy

Expanding one’s knowledge of culture not only adds to your personal stature but it can also change your home environment

Shozo Sato is a master of the traditional Zen Arts. He specializes in the tea ceremony, ink painting, flower arranging, and Japanese theatre. Sato conducts workshops through out the United States. I liked the chapter where he talks about the spirit of the brush. He explains how it’s an inner game and an outer game. You have to prepare mentally and physically. You have to control your breathing and concentrate your energy. The idea of learning something that so completely involves my mind and body is interesting to me.

Because it is frowned upon to go back and correct anything, this art exposes the writer. You see who you really are at the time you were writing. There is quite a bit about how the energy or the artist is transferred to the art. And done so on purpose. It helps to create a spiritual effect on the viewer. Zen monks used it to reach viewers hearts with the hopes of expanding their realizations. Professional Shodo writers practice a daily time of writing. Japanese Calligraphy has 3 ways of writing. It’s all about the paper, brush, ink and the writer.

It is complex and yet still inviting. This is a quiet world you could start to study and fall in love with. Sato is an extraordinary teaches who is sharing more then just the how to of Japanese calligraphy. If you are looking to revive your daily calligraphy practice, this book will inspire you to get back and grow beyond what you thought you could. You’ll understand what it takes to create a masterpiece. I think you will also enjoy the Zen Buddhism teachings Sato has shared in this book. Many people who enjoy physical books will love this too. It has a classic style with weight to it.  If you love art, you’ll find some beautiful pieces in this book and will want to have it in your home.

You can pick up the book here

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Hanging a Wall Tapestry

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Hanging a Wall Tapestry

     Depending on your own preferences and circumstances, how you hang your wall tapestry can be just as telling about your personality as the wall tapestry itself. There are three basic ways to hang a wall tapestry, but at the same time, there are no hard and fast rules. Be creative!

  • ·         Tapestry Rods: Probably the most common way to hang a wall tapestry is to use a decorative rod. Often, sites throw in a free rod when the wall tapestry is purchased. Depending on the tapestry, it may have a “sleeve” sewn into it that the rod slips through. If your tapestry has this, it provides one more option for you, and it useful if you do not want the rod to show so much. Some tapestries come with tab tops sewn on them, and the rod can be slipped through these. Other people prefer to remove these “tabs” and use decorative clips to suspend the wall tapestry from the rod.
  • ·         Cardboard or light wood frames: If you prefer, you can wrap a tapestry around a piece of sturdy cardboard or lightweight wood and use a strong adhesive to secure the ends to the back. The only drawback with this is that some of the tapestry is “lost” as it folds over the back. However, you need less wall space than with a rod.
  • ·         Framing: If your tapestry is small, you have the option to frame it. You will not need a matte, and non-glare Plexiglas is a good option so the colors of the wall tapestry can be seen well at all times. The advantage to this is that the frame can be chosen in any style you like. You can use the frame to “blend” design features as the eye moves from one part of your décor to another.
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Add Elegant Style to your Home with Art Glass Bowls

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English: Vintage abstract blown glass vessel b...

English: Vintage abstract blown glass vessel by California artist and teacher Dr. Robert Fritz, one of the father of the founding fathers of the mid 20th century studio glass movement. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Add Elegant Style to your Home with Art Glass Bowls

Decorating the home is easy with the numerous accessories and decorations that are available. Although most people reach for art work, flowers and vases and similar items for that decorative touch, art glass bowls are accessories that should not be forgotten. The art glass bowl has a variety of uses throughout the home, adding style in all of the right places. With many different flattering designs and styles, the decorative glass bowl is suitable for all tastes and all homes.

Decorative Bowl Styles

Some people choose glass decorative bowls that are constructed of warm, rich colors. These art glass bowls work wonderfully inside of the kitchen, serving as serving utensils, flower pots, for stone and rock collections, as a fruit basket and simply as a centrepiece. Warm colors like red, orange and brown speak in high volume when used to decorate the home.

Hand blown glass bowls are also very popular for decorative designers. Handblown glass is perfect for the home looking to add more modern touches to their home. Nothing is wrong from stepping away from the usual and adding your own personal touch. It is your home, after all. The handblown glass bowls can be used throughout the home.

Use it in the bathroom for a few flower petals to accommodate. Place the handmade glass inside of your bedroom as a lovely candleholder; or use them in the living room for your choice of  decorative needs.

Versatile crystal glass bowls are also a choice for adding decorative elegance to your home, with many fine pieces available.

Why Decorative Art Bowls?

Art glass bowls, no matter what style is selected, is truly a sophisticated piece of work to add to your home décor. Various sizes, styles and designs provide the chance to create the look and appeal that you desire for your home.

Accommodating prices seal the deal when it is an awesome and highly versatile decorative piece for the home. Choose art glass and you will love the style you add to your home.

When decorating the home, be certain to add variety and the spice of life within your decorating habits. Elegant handmade glass bowls are certainly capable of handling this need with complete ease.  With such versatility and style, the glass decorative bowls are certainly not to be missed out on. You will love how amazing the decorative glass bowl will make your home!

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