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Dating has become complicated for professionals who are busy. Long hours and long commutes make it all but impossible to meet other professionals in a purely social setting. If you survey couples today, around 15-20% of them will say they met their partner online through a dating site. It’s more common than ever. People are able to see the person’s photo and profile before they ever meet them, thus insuring that they are compatible.

Even though it’s called, it is for everyone who wants to join. Their mission is to serve as the premier black dating site for professionals. The members of this site are looking for meaningful relationships. They have free dating tips on their blog and feature some of the members on the homepage. People on the site are free to write about themselves and express the kinds of people who interest them. This makes for better connections when someone does reach out to them.

If you are a shy professional, this dating site can be great for you as you navigate the dating world at your own pace. You can take your time. Email the people when you are ready and not feel the rush of a bar or club encounter. When you become a part of an online dating site you want to feel that it is ok to go at your own pace. Read more

Why Free Advice is BAD for Your Business by Lauri Flaquer

Beware of free advice!!!

Whether good or bad, it doesn’t matter; free advice is dangerous for your business. I know this sounds crazy but let me explain…

If it’s FREE everyone has access to it. It’s there for the taking and therefor lacking any real value, spark and freshness. It will never create the excitement to make a business stand out. It’s not going to command attention. It definitely won’t get ahead of the crowd. Using it will not help you gain market share. Read more

Your Email address is What?

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For crying out loud people! For the last time! IF YOU ARE IN BUSINESS use your website email address branding! Enough with the free advertising of free accounts.
the email address
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