Would You Like Clothes and Shoes for Free Because You Are a Speaker?


Would you like to have jewelry provided to you for free?

Let Dr. Wright Share with you the Secrets of

Creating Your Own Sponsorship Program!

JUNE 23, 2014 7 PM – PST

This Learning Module Contains:

  • Webinar on How to Create YOUR Sponsorship Program- so you can make as much money as you want!
  • Sample Sponsorship Contract- so that you are confident in presenting your program
  • Bonus Audio Valued at $197- How to Get Sponsors When Your Show is NEW- there are different ways to make money when you are just starting out!

This Class is for the Cast Members of the #HLIC Movie,

however, if you were invited here, you are here for a special reason…


I’m Dr. Letitia Wright. I’ve been hosting my show for over 14 years on broadcast television.  I’ve had clothing sponsors for years. Carlos Santana was my show sponsor. I had so many shoes, at one point I was able to donate 20 unworn pairs to a shelter for teens in a special program they had. You might think they don’t need fancy shoes because they are homeless but I loved the look on their faces when they saw the shoes.

Sponsorship helps you and others around you. It’s not always cash but cash is important too. I was asked to give this class and I promised I would. Join me live, ask your questions and let’s get you paid too!

~Dr. Letitia Wright

Producer and Host of the Wright Place TV Show




This program is so good, if you can’t make back your investment,

then you are not even trying! 

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