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Thank You For Your Gift  Melissa Dombrowski!

A Day of Play from International Reach and Teach Institute

John Currie III formed International Reach and Teach Institute to provide health education, supportive care services, guidance to at risk youth. There are many other services offered. The Day of Play is a once-a month, play day where the jumpers and gelato snacks are provided for local children in the Inland Empire. This is a private event for the children designed to give the parents a relaxing opportunity to network with other parents and create a supportive community around the children.  This event will be held once a month at no cost to the parents.In addition to the gifts listed below, contributors will receive a tax deduction letter for the amount of their gift.

This project ends on August 6, 2012

*payments are processed through Wright Place TV and forwarded to International Reach and Teach Institute




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