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You are Greater and More Powerful than you Think!

Coach Trudy Finlayson

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We are what we think and that in turn creates our emotions/feelings which drive our words and actions that produce the results we get in our lives.

One key to creating the life we desire is to focus on what we want! But first we have to know what that is. What do YOU want and WHY do you want it? Loving relationships, spiritual growth, financial security, physical & emotional health, happiness, confidence etc.

So many of us do not see how truly powerful we really are. We live our lives as passive or reactive spectators. We think we are powerless to change ourselves and/or our situation. That?s just the way I am or It is what it is- what can I do? Truth is there is so much we can do. John Wheeler, a Princeton Physicist says that the simple act of looking at something changes it. God has given us the power to choose and create with our thoughts, words and actions. We are not spectators or powerless puppets.

We are co-creators of our lives.

What if you lived your life by that truth? What would you change? What would you think about? How would your life be different?

We have the power to change our lives.

Changing the way we think about things requires focused action. It will not go away by itself. We have to take captive every thought that is not in agreement with the truth of who God says we are and what we can do. Negative thoughts left unchecked, zap our energy and prevent us from living the lives we want.

When I am faced with negative thoughts and unbelief. I purposely begin thanking and praising God for all he has done and turn my attention to the blessings in my life. I speak out loud the truth of who I am, whose I am, what I was created to be, have and do.

God loves me and I am valuable to him.

God is love and God lives in me therefore love is in me.

All things are possible to those who believe,

I believe therefore I have limitless potential and possibility.

I am a joint heir with the Great King of Kings created to do Great and Amazing things.

I triumph in all things thru Christ and I am more than a conqueror!

My God supplies all my needs and wealth and riches are in my house.

I am healed and Spirit filled, sickness and disease cannot live in or on my body.

Today is my day to manifest the Greatness, Love and Power of God

The law of confession (say what God has said) charges the atmosphere with truth, love & light and the darkness, doubt, negativity and fear has to leave.

What do you spend time thinking about? What do you believe about you and your life? What do you say when faced with challenges of life? Does your behavior match your beliefs? I would love it if you shared your thoughts about this with me at

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Wright Place BlogTalk Radio Podcast on Creating Wealth

Updated from 2008

From The Wright Place Podcast on Blog Talk Radio


This was a testimony that someone emailed to me.

Ann Says: “What an honor to have been part of your program on last – nite! You are doing a great job! I am blessed of God to know you! Blessed that God allowed me to get acquainted with such a jewel.”


How to Free Yourself to Grow Big with Photography Booking Software

Photography and The Law

Congratulations, you’re a freelance photographer and you’re looking to book some new clients! This is an exciting time in your life and the sheer exhilaration of being your own boss is a wonderful feeling you should hold on to. But first things first, it’s time to make a plan and get your business organized, and strategically positioned for success. Here are a few of the most trusted tips from pro photographers who have experience in the freelance world.

First up: get some kind of photography booking software. For example, has a very popular version photographers use.The important thing in choosing this software is to ensure it is easy to use. This will be taking care of a lot of the annoying tasks for you in running the business, so don’t be afraid to spend a little bit of money up front to get your bookings in order. This type of software also takes care of a lot of the communication info for your clients, so you won’t need to be emailing people back and forth all day. instead you can just go out there or be in the studio shooting photos all day. No need to have someone answering your phone for you or hire an assistant.

Next up prepare a list of things you must ensure you have in order. Equipment insurance, photography editing software licences, a template for your client booking contracts and agreements, business cards to give out, and finally a portfolio website that can be easily updated. Once you have all of these things sorted out, the next thing on the list is to promote your business and get some clients! To keep the money flowing in, promoting yourself and becoming a good salesperson is key. If you don’t have any clients at all, start by putting out the word to family and friends. Word of mouth advertising can be some of the most powerful in the business.

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