Crowdfunding for Hurricane Harvey Victims: How Not to Get Scammed

Crowdfunding to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims How not to get scammed. Dr. Letitia Wright shares how to avoid scams and the best ways to help by crowdfunding. There are lots of people crowdfunding to help the victims, but the websites do not always verify each person who starts a crowdfunding project. In this video, Dr. Wright shows you how to verify the charity and the easiest way to help. She gives tips on giving and where to download Crowdfunding Made Easy for free. It’s a quick guide on how crowdfunding works and the top 25 sites she likes for crowdfunding. When you understand how crowdfunding works, it will help you figure out where to put your money. Do not assume that the person recommending the sites have done their homework. Check everything out for yourself.
The links talked about in this video are :


Crowdfunding Class BBQ

I will be Teaching a class in Crowdfunding at Cal State San Bernardino’s MBA program. This is a nice event to get to know everyone and releax! Thanks Michelle Skiljian and her hubby for hosting us every year with a big smile and great food!

Crowdfunding a New Make Up Company In Africa

Make up companies are easy to start and get off the ground when they have a great concept.
Women everywhere use make up. Rose from Kenya wants to start her own company. “In Africa I noted that the big global color cosmetic brands you see in major department stores overseas are difficult to access and for that reason I decided I need to create a local cosmetic line. I have dreamt of creating my own brand for years but to create a cosmetic brand for my own sake would be self-serving. I would like to create a conscious product that is made with integrity. This line of merchandise would be made ethically and cruelty-free.” says Rose.
“Initially it will really help to fund the first line of product, packaging production, logistics and our product photography, we will then push our website live and use the funds from our sales to create the next product whether that be bronzers, new eyeshadow palettes and so on.”

You can help when you visit her project online here

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