Crowdfunding Digital Microscopes for Students

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We all know that teachers spend their own money to create learning materials for students. But if you are a science teacher, those things are very costly. With the goal of $1627.00 Mr. Dela Cruz. This is what the teacher has to say about the project:

Technology is universally, interwoven in virtually every aspect of the modern world and our day-to-day life. It affects how we play, shop, associate, socialize, and most importantly, how we learn. With their countless and growing manifestation in our lives it only makes sense that mobile technologies are present in the classroom to assist in the teaching and learning process, especially in the field of science. However there are some schools that are delaying this opportunity of using technology in the classroom, and my school—although we strive hard to give our students these opportunities—is not ahead in terms of technological capacity.

My students are incoming freshmen with about 75-80% are Native Americans and more than 65% of the population receiving free lunch.

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Crowdfunding The Cup Cozy Pillow-Your Drink Saving Hero!

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Yes, Summer is saved!!

We all need to stay hydrated, or at least keep a nice glass of wine near us from time to time. Soft couches and chairs are perfect for spills. Even new soft carpet can be a problem for the average glass. The Cup Cozy Pillow lets you keep your drinks next to you, even if you don’t have a table near by. No more spills! No more extra cleaning bills.  Ever try to keep your cup upright on the grass? Well now can! I personally love outdoor free concerts at the park and this is a perfect accessory! The goal is $10,000. Thats about 340 items made. Of course there will be more once it catches on, Everyone will want one.

There are great color choices and it even helps keep your drink cold. You can have yours by Christmas! Just imagine sitting by the fire place, knowing your drink won’t be on the carpet!

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Cornucopia’s ‘Green Goddess Crowdfunded €50,000 in 48 Hours

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This comes from the article Crowdfunding foodies raising lots of dough by Deirdre Reynolds

Many restaurants are now turning their backs on the banks when it comes to seeking finance and using their customers, family and small-time investors to fulfil their food dreams. Retailing at €3.95, Cornucopia’s ‘Green Goddess’ – infused with apple and the ubiquitous avocado – is just one of the trendy cold-pressed juices new to shelves here after the company successfully crowdfunded €50,000 in only 48 hours.

Meanwhile, back at the city centre eatery, eagle-eyed regulars may have noticed the shiny new service counter, also installed no thanks to the banks recently.
“We were in something called Food Works [a business programme run by Bord Bia, Enterprise Ireland and Teagasc] with our juice product and they recommended crowdfunding,” explained Deirdre, who set up the health-food-store-turned-wholefood restaurant with her late husband, Neil, in 1986.

“I had some experience of working with the crowd because when I was turned down for planning permission to turn the building beside us from retail to restaurant. I went to my customers and I got a petition going. Two thousand people signed it [saying], ‘Please give her planning permission’, over a two-week period,” says Deirdre.

Why this is important: When you read the article you can see that she had her tribe lined up. Not only had she successfully rallied them before, they are able to create change. Now, the second time around they are bigger and stronger. That’s why we offer clients a tribe building program before they crowd fund, so that they can get a tribe that will work and put in money. 

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