Fashionable, Functional Maternity Activewear


Working out during pregnancy is not a trend. Staying physically fit is a lifestyle for many women and a way to not only maintain the body but the mind and soul as well. Having clothes that help you feel your best makes it all easier to stay. If staying active is a priority, then you need to check out this project: Good Body Good Mommy.

The leggings are capris and long. There are even cute nursing blouses that keep you covered for privacy. They have a few days to go to raise the entire $40,000. Check out the project here

Crowdfunding the Masterpiece

The idea is to carve a masterpiece from stone for Christians.  It’s called The Kachkar. It’s been 30 years in the making and is very intricate. For the last six years, 18 men have worked on it in the city of Armenia. The Red stone represents peace, strength, freedom and infinity. World Renown artist Roy Butler will be doing a smaller rendition of the work.  The handmade reproductive piece. A mold will be made with multiple copies. It will give the sculpture back to people who would love to have it. It will be available to all. You can order one of these pieces for yourself and help in a variety of ways when you visit the Kickstarter campaign. It’s unique. I assure you, you have never seen anything like this before. The work is elegant.



You can support this project here.

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One Dollar Cookie

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BadMike Studio, a young indie company needs your help to keep developing. That’s why the second release of the studio is an app designed to operate as part of a crowdfunding campaign.

Copying the never-failing girl scouts business technique, Bad Mike Studio presents One Dollar Cookie. An app that’ll give you all the cookies you want (virtual cookies of course), for less than a dollar.

Bad Mike needs you! So get your dollar ready, download the app, enjoy your cookies (do not eat them though) and help us fulfill our dreams!

They are crowdfunding here

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