Remodel Your Elevator Speech

Is it time to remodel your elevator speech? What is it right now? Write it down. Now, look and see if you still are focused on those services and benefits. Write down your 30 second version, your 3 minute version and your 10 minute versions. Make sure you focus on your clients. Everyone wants to know what is in it for them.

Here is a good question- what is the result you want from your elevator speech? Do you want them to ask for your card? Do you want them to ask more about what you do? Do you want to them buy?
If you want them to buy from your elevator speech, then I will ask you to stop taking the HOPIUM and become clear headed. A sale is not likely to result from a first contact. Remember, you don?t meet someone and then ask them to marry you. The answer is always no.
You do need to understand for YOUR company what is the next step or process you want to happen. Speaking to people one on one helps, however, it is NOT going to be as effective as speaking to thousands or even millions at a time.


Everybody Pitch!

Here is the question: Can everyone in your company do a 2 minute pitch about your company. Can they tell someone concisely what you do and how you benefit customers?
Before you say a quick yes, ask them. Without prep, can they give it to you? You might be surprised at what you hear. Team members may be saying all kinds of things. This means this is what they are saying to customers.
All of us have at least one person working on the team, ask them to give you a two minute pitch and let me know what you find out.
If it is not to your liking, then write it out for them and have them practice it.
Let me know what you found out!


Do You Have the Courage to be Goal Oriented with Finding Sponsors for Your Event?


This article is for people who are looking for sponsorship for the first time or raising their sponsorship levels to a new high. This information will assist you in meeting all your goals.

Abraham Lincoln said ?a goal properly set is halfway reached.? All goals for a sponsor for your show seem lofty at first. You may not have a lot of people around you to support the dream. Just understand that everyone has started at the bottom. You can also reach a goal that is properly set. Most people are afraid to ask for money. They are afraid it will be too much. If you are not sure how much to ask for you have to start by guessing. Then ask and see what the response is. Some companies will tell you that they only put half that amount into these types of campaigns. The will be great information for you. It?s free research! Set the sponsorship goal properly and get comfortable with the amount. If you are not comfortable with the amount, no matter how low it is, you won?t ask for it.

Write your sponsorship goals down and look at them daily. You would be surprised how much off course you can be when you do not do this. You get busy with other things. You do not work towards the goal because it is not top of the mind. You can begin to work on putting out fires instead of getting into the groove of getting the sponsors. Write it down and look at it daily. You can even put it on a wall that you will look at.

Make sure your sponsor goals do not overlap. I once had 2 different weight loss sponsors on the show. It was exciting for me, less so for the smaller sponsor. Make sure all sponsors have their own area that does not overlap and everyone will be a happy camper!

If you have courage you can do these things: write your goals, make sure they do not over lap and get an amount that works.

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