Branding Secrets and Helping Non Profits

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Boresha Coffee Company created a system to help non-profits. Kathy King of U Think It Graphics shares branding secrets that make your business successful.


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  1. Hi. I have a 501c3 ministry called Gospel Net Ministries. My focus is on training pastors in Uganda and helping them get Bibles, roof their churches, get bikes or motor bikes for pastors and the like. I’d love for someone to call me and talk with me about how a non-profit can get set up with you. 541-729-5015.
    I am a consultant, personally, but was wondering how Gospel Net Ministries could work into this.

  2. Kevin Rivers says:

    Boresha is the 1st & Only Co. of it’s type in the world. Through it’s simple business concelpt it allows anyone to earn an income in the Fast Growing Industry in the World. It gives the same person the ability to reach out across the world and to help/support those less fortunate while simultaneously help others becoming healthier through Boresha’s Delicious Patented Fat-Burning Coffee. If you are iinterested in our Patented Fat Burning Beverages or Earning a Weekly Income working with our TEAM please visit or email me at or call me, Kevin Rivers 646-315-2481. Thank you and God Bless.

  3. Loving the info on this site, you have done outstanding job on the articles .


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  1. […] Boresha President/CEO George Najjar and Vice President Michael Babcock recently joined author Gigi Simsiman on Dr. Letitia Wright’s “The Wright Place” TV show to discuss Boresha Coffee International’s system for helping non-profits. Watch the video. […]

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